debut album 'howdilly doodilly' out now!

howdilly doodilly now available

Physical CD

Howdilly Doodilly is the debut record from Okilly Dokilly, the world's only Nedal band.  The album will feature 13 tracks of full blown Heavy Nedal tunes, 4 of which were released in demo form in August of 2015.

A total of 75% of the lyrics are direct Ned quotes, with the rest being quotes from other characters and a few original lyrics.

“When we recorded Howdilly Doodilly our only goal was to make a record that was really brutalino,” said Okilly Dokilly lead singer Head Ned. “We recorded in costume and drank white wine spritzers to truly capture the essence of Ned.”

The album was recorded by jalipaz at audioconfusion, a recording studio in Mesa, AZ, in May of 2016 and was be inedpendently (not a typo) released by the band on Nov 11, 2016.